Media docks

Media docks, Willy-Brandt-Allee 31, 23554 Lübeck

About the venue

Media docks was built in 1898 as a warehouse of the merchants of Lübeck from where they traded grains all across the Baltic Sea and beyond.

Luebeck at the media docks, view from across the river Trave, © IB.SH
Luebeck at the media docks, view from across the river Trave

In 1942 the building was badly damaged in the wake of the Second World War. The building was completely  restorated in 2001/2002. Now, more than 40 service companies are located in the media docks. The ground floor offers modern and functional space which will be a great place for inspiring exchange about achievements of transnational cooperation around the Baltic Sea.

7 minute walk to the city center
15 minute walk to the main station Lübeck
10-15 minute walk to the town hall

Floor plan

How to get to the dinner venue?

The dinner takes place at Lübeck town hall, Breite Str. 62, 23552 Lübeck.

In the 13 century, three gabled houses were built in the market, which were extended several times in the following centuries. In the town hall the Hansesaal for meetings and the Danzelhus (dance hall) for social gatherings resulted from this.

Inside, there is the magnificent Audience Hall: do not be surprised that the doors to this former courtroom are different in height. Acquitted defendants were allowed to leave the hall through the high door, convicted defendants had to go stooping through the low door.