Open call: third call for applications
Priorities 1,2 & 3

The third call for applications is held in a one-step application procedure that includes a compulsory consultation with the Managing Authority / Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) staff.

First the applicants are requested to submit a project idea form by 15 January 2018 at the latest. Based on the PIF, the MA/JS schedules an individual consultation to provide feedback and recommendations for developing the application. Once the consultation has taken place, the applicant is granted access to the online application system BAMOS for submitting the application. Please be informed that completed project idea forms along with MA/JS feedback are also forwarded to the Monitoring Committee members. The deadline for submitting applications via the online system BAMOS is 9 April 2018.

For more details on the application procedure, timeline and necessary documents, check the information below.

1. Obligatory consultations based on submitted project idea form (PIF)

Lead applicants are requested to submit a project idea form (PIF) which briefly describes the project’s strategic relevance, main outcomes, core activities and the planned partnership. The completed PIF can be sent any time but not later than 15 January 2018 to Based on submitted project idea forms, the MA/JS will organise an individual consultation, which is a prerequisite for obtaining access to an online application system (BAMOS).

Please note that the MA/JS is no longer accepting new project idea forms (PIFs).

2. Submission of full application

After receiving feedback from the MA/JS during consultations and obtaining access to the online application BAMOS, lead applicants are requested to complete and submit the application by 9 April 2018 at the latest.

Which documents? Online application
in the BAMOS system:
Mandatory documents:
• Signed application (identical to the digital version)
• Partner declarations of all project partners including lead applicant (original or copies)
• State aid self - declarations of all project partners including lead applicant but excluding Russian organisations (original or copies)

Optional documents:
• Scanned letters of support from associated organisations
• Flagship projects of the EUSBSR: Scanned letters of commitment from relevant Policy Area or Horizontal Action Coordinator
When? Not later than
9 April 2018,
16:00 CEST (UTC+2)
• Not later than 9 April 2018
• The date on the post stamp must be the date of the deadline or earlier
How? Submit online
via the BAMOS
Send documents to:
Interreg Baltic Sea Region
Managing Authority/ Joint Secretariat (IB.SH)
Grubenstrasse 20
18055 Rostock, Germany

Application documents

Please note that the following mandatory attachments to the application as well as other supporting documents can be downloaded:

Announcement note

Announcement note: information about the requirements and focus for third call for project applications 


Partner declaration: mandatory document to be attached to the application

State aid self-declaration: mandatory document to be attached to the application

Letter of Commitment: a template for a project applying as flagship of the EUSBSR

Guidance and tools

Guidance to the application: a document summarising all guidance available in the online submission system

Partner input tool: a tool supporting the lead applicant in collecting data from partners

List of national State aid experts: contact details of national State aid experts providing basic information on State aid

Programme Manual: a practical guidance on project development, application and implementation

Guidance on the participation of Russian organisations: main principles of involvement of Russian organisations in joint projects 

Procedures on the participation of partners from outside the Programme area: main principles of involvement of partners from outside the Programme area

State aid fact sheets: documents helping to understand the concept of state aid and the state aid procedures in the Programme

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