Third call for applications will be opened soon!
17 Jul 2017

Interreg Baltic Sea Region is preparing for the launch of the next calls for applications in the autumn, offering funds to project partners willing to work together towards a more innovative, better accessible and sustainable Baltic Sea region. Apart from funding projects in the thematic priorities of the Programme, Interreg Baltic Sea Region will actively support teaming up of projects in wider project platforms.

Third call for project applications

As soon as the Interreg Baltic Sea Region's Monitoring Committee selected 39 new projects for funding in May 2017, the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) initiated preparations for the next call for applications in the thematic priorities of the Programme. 

As an outcome of a Task Force meeting in June, the Member States proposed to open the next call for applications for all three Programme’s priorities: capacity for innovation, management of natural resources and sustainable transport, and for all specific objectives under these priorities. The Task Force also agreed on a specific focus of this call; that is to increase institutional capacities of public authorities in all levels of governance. All applying projects are expected to include public authorities with a relevant role in their partnerships.   

The application procedure will be organised as an extended one-step call. The project applicants will be required to consult the MA/JS based on a submitted Project Idea Form (PIF) by mid-January 2018. After obligatory consultations, the respective PIFs will be sent to the Monitoring Committee (MC) for their review. The MC members may contact lead applicants with further guidance before the final applications will be submitted. The deadline for applications will be early April 2018.

Project platforms 

In order to reinforce the project outcomes, gain more visibility and better access to stakeholders and policy makers, Interreg Baltic Sea Region will offer an opportunity for the projects to join in project platforms in selected thematic fields. The project platforms will be set up as projects but the impacts of their work are expected to be bigger. Among other things, the project platforms will create a forum for exchange in order to streamline activities of different projects, ensure more intensive use, better durability and transferability of  the projects’ outcomes, deepen knowledge for projects’ outcomes and support communication of projects.

The call for project platforms is planned to be opened in the following topics: smart specialisation, clear waters, blue growth, intermodality of transport modes, maritime safety and environmentally friendly shipping. Although the core of project platforms will be built by ongoing or accomplished Interreg Baltic Sea Region’s projects, each project platform shall include at least one partner from a different funding programme. 


The Monitoring Committee meeting end of September is expected to confirm the focus of the two calls and both calls will be opened in the beginning of October 2017.

In September, the MA/JS will start consultations for the applicants. A valid Project Idea Form (PIF) will be available on the website under the section: “Consultations”.