The new website about all Interreg programmes is up and running
19 Dec 2017

What is Interreg? Is there anything for me? Who to contact? Getting answers to these simple questions was nothing but complex and discouraging for potential beneficiaries. Now, the INTERACT programme announced that a new Interreg portal is public, a one-stop-shop for potential beneficiaries and Interreg Programmes.

A banner with a rocket and text " is online"

On, via an interactive map, you can now easily and intuitively access all Interreg programmes and find:

  • What programme is active in your region or your country?
  • What are the thematic and specific objectives of the programmes and what programme covers each thematic objective?
  • What is the potential area of cooperation for each project partnership?
  • What programme has an open call?

The website is also a promotion tool for Interreg related news and success stories. Every programme can also update directly and instantly publish a new call for projects, a new job opening or any change in the programme management structure. This will be visible on the website instantly to the widest audience.

The portal aims at simplifying the life of anyone looking for updated information about Interreg anywhere they are. The main priority is now SEO: to allow the portal to appear on top of web search about Interreg. Do not hesitate to promote and link from your website.

We have also planned further developments for the website such as improving the visibility of activity from each programme and providing access to cooperation at EU external borders with the inclusion of ENI programmes.