Russian partners determined to catch up with implementation
24 Apr 2018

Since the signature of the Financing Agreement in January 2018, Russian partners seized real opportunities for full participation in Interreg Baltic Sea Region. The Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat of Interreg Baltic Sea Region initiated a series of seminars for Russian partners and their lead partners from the second call projects: the first arranged on 19 April in Pskov and the second to come on 23-24 May in St. Petersburg.

© IB.SH / Susanne Scherrer
Seminar for Russian Partners in Pskov

Pskov hosted the first seminar for Russian partners 

Pskov is a growing city of 200,000 inhabitants with the historic centre entangled by the rivers Velikaya and Pskova, and overlooked by the white walls of the fortified Pskov kremlin, the bell tower and the spire of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. In medieval times, the city was a commercial and trading centre, so it is no wonder that Pskov administrations have always been active in international relations.

Starting on a smaller scale, the MA/JS arranged a round-table discussion with the Pskov partner organisations on issues of the biggest concern for the successful implementation of their projects: payment and control of funds, eligibility of costs and visibility. Pskov partners are currently involved in three projects: Cities Multimodal, Balt Sea Food and Manure Standards. Two important parties joined the event: the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation and the Russian National Sub-Committee of the Programme. Jointly, in a cooperation spirit and with open minds, was it possible to progress on these complex issues.

© IB.SH / Susanne Scherrer

This seminar helped the Pskov partners understand the set-up of Interreg Baltic Sea Region. Projects with full Russian participation are implemented for the first time since 2008.

Next steps: a seminar in St. Petersburg in late May and update of the Programme Manual

The Pskov event became a laboratory for preparing a bigger seminar for all Russian partners of the second call projects and their lead partners. That seminar is arranged in St. Petersburg on 23-24 May. More than 40 organisations received an invitation to to learn about the project implementation and reporting in Interreg Baltic Sea Region joint projects. 

Meanwhile, the MA/JS are finalising clarifications on audit and control arrangements with the Russian Federation. Afterwards, the Programme Manual, depository of project rules, will be updated with information on Russian project partners involvement and presented to the Monitoring Committee of the Programme for approval in May.