Russia is taking steps to join Interreg Baltic Sea Region
14 Sep 2015

Recently, Russia agreed to the content of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme and has as well nominated national bodies for audit and control to manage its participation in the Programme. Consequently, the Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) are now taking further steps to include funding from the European Neighbourhood Initiative (ENI) for Russia in this Cooperation Programme (CP) update.

The MA/JS has submitted the updated CP to the European Commission. Updates of the Programme include, among other things, baselines and targets for the result indicators for the priority areas transport, innovation and natural resources, budgets and management provisions for Russia.

The availability of funds to Russian partners in future calls is subject to Russia signing and ratifying the Financing Agreement in the Programme. The funds would become available to Russian partners once the Financing Agreement is concluded.

For more information please contact Ronald Lieske,