Reminder: EUSBSR Seed Money deadline approaching
24 Sep 2015

Applicants getting ready to submit a proposal to the EUSBSR Seed Money Facility need to contact their respective Priority Area or Horizontal Action Coordinator (PACs/HACs) by Wednesday.

Small piles of coins, covered with soild and small green seedlings. The EUSBSR Seed Money Facility supports the development of applications for EU cooperation projects.

In order to receive a letter of support, applicants have to submit their project applications to the respective Priority Area or Horizontal Action Coordinator by 30 September 2015. The letter of support is mandatory if you wish to apply for EUSBSR seed money.

The contact details of all PACs and HACs can be found at (first Excel table, PAC HAC worksheet).

All templates for application can be found in the section Important Documents on the website of the Seed Money Facility. Please always save forms of the Seed Money Facility first before opening and filling-in.

The process in short:

  • 30 September 2015: submission deadline for project applications to Policy Area Coordinators/Horizontal Action Coordinators for strategic assessment and issuing of letter of support (no partner declarations needed).
  • 30 October 2015: submission deadline for project application documents (filled in application form, letter of support and partner declarations in electronic versions) to the Seed Money Secretariat ( ).
  • January 2016: decision on project approvals by the Seed Money Committee.

If you have a project idea and you are interested in feedback and answers to your questions, please send the filled in project idea form, in pdf format, to