Reaching out to the target groups: have a look at the Programme’s communication strategy
15 Jun 2015

While new Interreg projects are being developed for the Baltic Sea Region, the Programme has put into place its communication strategy. It outlines how the projects and the Programme bodies should cooperate and complement each other – in order to reach out to the right target groups.

Interact with the right target groups
The overarching objective of the Programme is to bring the project results out to those who use them – well beyond the project partnerships and the projects’ end date. The key to success of projects will be identifying the right target groups and interacting with them – be it decision makers, end-users of products and results or other thematic experts. Projects need to come up with a strategy of how communication will help in achieving the projects’ aims – the Programme’s communication strategy can serve as an inspiration.

Support to projects
During the project lifetime, the MA/JS works closely with the projects, providing consultation during the application phase, services and training during the early project phases and opportunities for jointly spreading project stories. More details on what is planned to support projects can be found in the communication strategy, e.g. in annex 3 and 4.

Make achievements visible
Project communication managers will play an important role in making project achievements visible (see e.g. annex 4). They will also work closely with the MA/JS as information hubs between the projects and the Programme bodies.

Follow promising examples
Many projects of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 successfully reached out to their target groups. And all of us can learn from them:

  • Cooperation is communication: Communication is not one person’s job – all project partners contribute to it.
  • Less branding – more issues: Spend less resources on leaflets and give-aways and more on telling the story of what you do, why you do it and what for.
  • Interreg builds bridges between people – talk about it: Cooperation beyond borders is at the heart of what the EU is all about – across the Baltic Sea Region, across the Bay of Finland or all across Europe. And people care for people rather than projects.


Plan and communicate
Check the Interreg Baltic Sea Region’s communication strategy for more details, examine critically the methodology, talk to your project partners, plan and communicate. Good luck!

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