Project developers review the Programme’s information seminar
21 Mar 2016

A full conference room and vivid discussions marked the information seminar for the second call for applications organised by the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat on 16-17 March in Riga. The seminar addressed project developers who are interested and somewhat experienced in cooperating across countries.

Audience at the information seminar of Interreg Baltic Sea Region

No questions left for Interreg stagers

“This seminar motivated me to immediately sit down and write the concept note”, said Marjukka Porvari from the John Nurminnen Foundation in Finland.

Even though she knew the Programme quite well from the first call for applications, she had decided to come to Riga for the information seminar of Interreg Baltic Sea Region on 16-17 March 2016.

For Britta Schmigotzki, a project coordinator with ten years of experience from Berlin based atene KOM, the presentations were informative: “To get acquainted in detail with the thematic priorities of the current funding period and to get a clear description of the application process was very useful. I have no questions left.”

Britta Schmigotzki, Laura Bramane, Fabian Faller and Matti Lipsanen (from left to right) participated in the Information seminar. (photo: MA/JS)
Portraits of project developers at the information seminar of Interreg Baltic  Sea Region

Network puts newcomers on the right track

Almost one third of the participants have not participated in the Programme before. One of them was Laura Bramane, State Forensic Science Bureau in Riga: 

“I came to find out whether we are eligible for a project as a forensic institute. We discovered from talking to the officers that the project we have in mind is quite interesting to the Programme. So we will go for the first step and submit a concept note.”

Fabian Faller, a young researcher from Kiel University developing his first Interreg project on the transnational level noted: “I had the chance to talk to people from the secretariat and others who are at a similar stage of project development.” He received practical tips from his more experienced colleagues. For example he will address the budgeting topics directly and early in the project development process. He takes home that it is crucial for Interreg partners to be aware that costs are reimbursed only six to twelve months after they occur.

Many people eager for cooperation projects

Several members of the Monitoring Committee, the decision making body of the Programme, joined the seminar to hear about the latest developments on the practical level and to be able to pass on the same message as the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat.

“The very best about this event is that we have a full meeting room, so there seem to be expectations and demand for Baltic Sea Region cooperation”, stated Matti Lipsanen from the Regional Council of Häme, who is chairing the Finnish national sub-committee.

Altogether, Interreg brought together some 250 people from more than ten countries who are ready to expand European cooperation. Matti concluded: “I am eagerly looking forward to what kind of ideas and project proposals we will get in this call.”

A mix of presentations, consultations and thematic corners for innovation, natural resources and sustainable transport helped all participants – old-stagers and newbies – to take home useful information and contacts. (photos: MA/JS)

Many ideas for a more innovate, better accessible and more sustainable Baltic Sea Region

There are quite some project ideas around. Elena Kolosova, MA/JS Project Officer based in Riga, noted: “There is interest in all of the Programme priorities: Innovation, Natural Resources and Transport.”

Vivid discussions in thematic corners and consultations with project developers about project ideas proved this. New initiatives are being developed. The ones that did not succeed in an earlier call are being scrutinised. “We are glad to see high interest among experts from around the Baltic Sea, especially from Latvia and Lithuania."

The deadline for submitting project concept notes is 1 June 2016.

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