Monitoring Committee constituted
02 Mar 2015

On 26 and 27 February, representatives of the countries around the Baltic Sea met in Kiel, Germany, for its constituent meeting.

MC chair Anders Lindholm (left) and State Secretary Eberhard Schmidt-Elsaeßer (right) believe that the Programme is important for the future of the Baltic Sea Region.
Photograph of MC chair Anders Lindholm and State Secretary Schmidt-Elsaeßer.

“The Baltic Sea Region is where our future is happening”, stressed Eberhard Schmidt-Elsaeßer, State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Culture and European Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein at the first Monitoring Committee (MC) meeting of Interreg Baltic Sea Region. On 26 February, Schmidt-Elsaeßer welcomed 24 representatives of the Programme countries to Kiel, Germany. During the meeting, the Monitoring Committee was officially constituted and approved its rules of procedure. The Committee is thus ready to get to work and select the first set of project concepts at the end of April.

The Programme – more than just financial support

“Interreg Baltic Sea Region does not only provide financial but also knowledge support to actors dedicated to making improvements in the macro-region”, pointed out Anders Lindholm of the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise. Lindholm is chairing the Monitoring Committee in 2015 on behalf of the Swedish delegation.

The Monitoring Committee – personally committed

“The Monitoring Committee is a group of very dedicated Baltic Sea Region enthusiasts”, Lindholm emphasized. Many members have been involved for a long time and are personally committed to pushing forward cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. “2015 will be an exciting year”, Lindholm said. “The first call of the new Programme period will show us what we can expect of projects, which actors are interested in contributing and if the new procedures we have established will result in better quality projects.”

The Monitoring Committee of Interreg Baltic Sea Region – dedicated Baltic Sea Region enthusiasts.
The Monitoring Committee of Interreg Baltic Sea Region – a group of dedicated Baltic Sea Region enthusiasts.

The Managing Authority – professional and neutral

The procedures related to project application, assessment, monitoring and payment are run by the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat, hosted by Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH). “We are proud to continue our work moving in to the fourth generation of Interreg programmes“, stressed Erk Westermann-Lammers, CEO of IB.SH. Lindholm highlighted that “IB.SH has proven to be a professional, very competent, trustworthy and neutral host of the Managing Authority throughout many years.”

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