Learning from former projects
08 Feb 2016

Interreg Baltic Sea Region is launching its second call for project applications on 1 March. The Programme offers financial support to transnational projects contributing to the development of a more innovative, better accessible and sustainable Baltic Sea Region. Project developers should acquaint themselves with projects in their fields funded earlier, as the Programme will not fund the same activities again. Here, you can find information.

A hand reaches into a woven basket filled with apples and holds one apple. Interreg Baltic Sea Region's projects are like a basket of ripe fruit that the European regions can be nourished with.

The first call for applications in 2015 resulted in 35 approved projects contributing to Programme priorities 1 (Capacity for innovation ), 2 (Efficient management of natural resources ) and 3 (Sustainable transport). Applicants preparing proposals for the second call are encouraged to get acquainted with the current project portfolio of the Programme to enable synergetic effects and to avoid potential overlaps. On the Programme website, summaries of all projects are available.

In order to share the project results and accomplishments from the former Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013, which financed in total 90 transnational cooperation projects, the Programme has created an online basket of projects – a Fruit Basket if you will (formally called the Output Library).

The Fruit Basket may be used for several different purposes. If you intend to apply for funding in the second call you may want to explore the resources the Fruit Basket has to offer. It allows you to check whether your idea has already been implemented and therefore will  not receive further financial support from the Programme. Or maybe you will be able to use some of the work developed by former projects when developing your own project proposal. For example, in priority 3 Sustainable transport you may want to find out what has been done previously in that area and you will most likely find useful documents that will increase your knowledge in the specific topic. Click on word cloud transport and mobility:

Take your pick!