Lead applicants are preparing to submit final project proposals
04 Jun 2015

Lead applicants of the 81 project concepts selected by the Monitoring Committee participated in the project development workshops and discussed how to prepare a good quality application. The project proposals are to be submitted by 14 July. The MC will decide on projects in November 2015.

The applicants of the selected concept notes were invited by the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) to the project development workshops that took place on 19-20 May and 28-29 May in Berlin.  The participants and the MA/JS staff discussed project strategy, partnership, work plan, communication, budget and state aid. The MA/JS staff also provided guidance on how to fill in the online application. During individual consultations lead applicants looked into open questions and received hints and clues for their project concepts.

According to feedback questionnaires, the workshops fulfilled expectations of the participants. The applicants received lots of useful facts and were satisfied with the amount of information. The participants highlighted that discussions and questions, lots of examples, possibility to meet MA/JS staff and hints on how to develop a good quality application were most valuable during the seminars. Also individual consultations during the second day were much appreciated.

Out of 144 applicants that registered for the seminars, 35% never participated in an Interreg project before, and 15% participated in a project funded by other Interreg programme.

The lead applicants together with partners are now working on their application forms and preparing to submit project proposals by 14 July via an online system. The Monitoring Committee will select the projects for funding at its meeting on 18-19 Nov 2015.

Presentations from the project development workshop II

At the project development workshop II
At the project development workshop II