Interreg represents a mind-set for a successful European future
15 Sep 2015

Today the celebration of 25 years of Interreg kicks off in Luxembourg. The event is organized by the Luxembourgish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, together with the European Commission and the INTERACT programme.


Susanne Scherrer, Interreg Baltic Sea Regionn

As a backdrop to the event the first session underlines the importance Interreg has had for individuals by sharing a narrative of memories. By using video statements and social media output stories are shared from across Europe of what Interreg has meant and how it has affected personal development and success. The film "Les Dessous des Cartes – UE : des frontières qui rapprochent – Les 25 ans d’Interreg" ("EU – Borders that connect") is also viewed.

Ms Susanne Scherrer, Director of the Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme shares her personal story of Interreg in a presentation. "For me, Interreg means much more than a financial tool to foster regional and territorial development, or to overcome physical borders. Interreg represents a mind-set, which I believe is the only possible mind-set for a successful European future."

The first Interreg community initiative launched in 1990 to stimulate exclusively cross-border collaboration. Interreg has been dedicated to support projects covering a wide range of areas such as innovation, health, infrastructure, education, urban development, energy, or digital economy. Thousands of projects involving a wide variety areas of common interest have been implemented since the birth of Interreg.

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Watch the film EU: Borders that bring together by Jean-Christophe Victor.