Information seminar in Riga: prepare yourself for third call for applications
08 Sep 2017

Interreg Baltic Sea Region invites potential applicants to attend an information seminar on 18-19 October 2017 in Riga, Latvia, dedicated to the upcoming third call for project applications.


Third call for applications: new opportunity for funding

Hoping to attract a large number of newcomers to Interreg projects as well as to introduce the requirements and thematic specifics of this call for applications, the Managing Authority / Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) organises an information seminar on 18 October 2017 and a consultation day on 19 October 2017. 

During the event, the participants get an insight into the Programme’s themes for cooperation and learn about the focus of the third call for applications. Furthermore, the participants shall learn how to set up an application, including the project strategy, partnership, work plan and budget as well as communication. State-aid issues, lessons learned from the first two calls as well as details on the application procedure are on the agenda, too. 

Thematic corners to develop your project idea!

In order to facilitate the development of project applications and efficient search for partners, the MA/JS opens thematic corners during the information event, a meeting place for project partners and MA/JS staff. 

All applicants are invited to share summaries of their projects, so-called project pitches, and submit them to the MA/JS by 9 October here. The project pitches will be pinned on the wall at the thematic corners to enhance the discussions. At this stage, proposals for the future outlook of the projects are not binding but the thematic corners provide an excellent opportunity to request for the MA/JS expertise and network with other participants of the seminar and find partners.

During the seminar and on the consultation day, helpdesks will facilitate on involving partners from Norway and Russia to the projects.

In parallel, all applicants are invited to join the Partner Search - Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme on LinkedIn, which is currently linking about 1,800 professionals. 

Consultations for more mature project ideas 

On 19 October, MA/JS offers individual consultations for those applicants whose project ideas have reached a more mature stage or have specific questions on their project development. The consultation times will be agreed beforehand and based on a submitted project idea form by 9 October to Submitting a project idea form is a prerequisite for receiving a proposal for a time slot during the consultation day. 


The registration for the information seminar closes on 3 October. For more details, please go here.

About the third call

The following details of the call are subject to approval by the Monitoring Committee (MC) at the end of September. The third call for projects is open for all three Programme priorities: capacity for innovation, management of natural resources and sustainable transport, and for all specific objectives under these priorities. The call has a specific focus, that is to increase institutional capacities of public authorities in all levels of governance. Applying projects are expected to include public authorities with a relevant role in their partnerships.

The application procedure is organised as an extended one-step call, meaning that the concept note submission and selection carried out in the first and second calls is skipped. After obligatory consultations, the respective PIFs are sent to the MC for their review. The MC members may contact lead applicants with further guidance before the final applications are submitted. 

The deadline for applications is in early April 2018. For developing the project idea, we recommend to read our Programme documents and learn more about projects already approved. The announcement of the third call with all relevant details is published in early October.

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