Host an Interreg volunteer and make a difference!
15 Mar 2017

A new initiative was recently launched by the European Solidarity Corps and the European Commission: Young Europeans volunteer in Interreg projects abroad as "Interreg Volunteer Youth" (IVY). The volunteers get an inspiring experience and the projects and programmes get support in their work. Overall, the initiative aims to make a change in the life of Europeans. If you work in an Interreg project, you can sign up now to host a volunteer.

IVY logo

IVY  is a great new possibility for young Europeans aged 18-30 to serve as volunteers in cross-border, transnational or interregional programmes or their related projects. Project partners and programmes can benefit from volunteer work for two to six months.

Host an Interreg volunteer: a great chance to get additional support to do your project

Each project partner in Interreg programmes can host an “Interreg Project Partner”: this volunteer will help you with Interreg project implementation with a selected task to be done over a defined period of time. The task shall focus on specific aspects or difficulties to be solved.

Make a difference: promote solidarity & cooperation among young people in Europe!

IVY is a one-year pilot action, which started on 1 March 2017. It is managed by the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR). If you are interested in hosting a volunteer “Interreg Project Partner”, please fill in the Project Note  and send it to Ms Alessandra Cardaci:

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