Getting ready for a busy 2016
11 Jan 2016

The MA/JS wishes all applicants, project partners and supporters of Interreg a happy New Year and all the best for the upcoming months. 2016 is be a busy year for everyone involved in Interreg Baltic Sea Region. Have a look at what’s coming up.

The team of the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat of Interreg Baltic Sea Region.
The team of the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat of Interreg Baltic Sea Region: a group of about 30 northern European looking young professionals in business dresses.

Many project ideas are already out there, ready to be pinned down for the second call for projects. This week, the Monitoring Committee discusses the second call to be launched in March 2016 in terms of timeline and themes covered. The outcome of the meeting determines the types and timing of events and support measures which the Programme offers to applicants, including national and international info events and lead applicant seminars. Please note the following plans already:

16-17 March 2016: A Programme information seminar in Riga, Latvia.

The seminar addresses project developers who are interested and somewhat experienced in cooperating across countries, but are not yet acquainted with the specifics of Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

23 February 2016: Joint Interreg applicant seminar in Katowice, Poland.

The sessions and workshops give newcomers as well as those more experienced in transnational cooperation an introduction to Interreg, advice on how to develop a project idea or how to become a lead partner. The event is hosted by the Polish Ministry of Development, the Interreg Baltic Sea Region and Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programmes. Registration will be opened soon.

23-24 May 2016: Baltic Sea Conference - mark the date!

Mark the date for the Baltic Sea Conference in Gdansk, Poland, if you are an Interreg project partner, plan to apply in the future or want to know how transnational cooperation help the countries around the Baltic Sea. Day one is dedicated to results of previous cooperation, while on day two, Interreg Baltic Sea Region plans to organise a Lead applicant seminar to assist those coordinating development of a project application. The event is hosted by the Polish Ministry of Development in the framework of the Polish presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. The Interreg programmes for the Baltic Sea Region and for South Baltic are co-organisers.  

You may also want to find partners for your application under development: Post your idea in the partner search forum on LinkedIn. To request a personal consultation on the phone, on SKYPE or face-to-face send your project idea form to the MA/JS. In any case, it is useful for applicants to get to know the content of projects already approved.

For  lead partners of approved projects, the MA/JS is preparing a Lead partner seminar in March 2016, as well as a communication and a finance seminar later during the year.

Open calls and decision processes:

•    In February - up to 27 new seed money projects will be selected within the Seed Money Facility

•    Deadline: 17 February - Support for Policy Area and Horizontal Action Coordinators

•    Deadline: 29 February - Communication activities and targeted support to the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region