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11 Sep 2017

As soon as in October, Interreg Baltic Sea Region provides another opportunity for the applicants from around the Baltic Sea and beyond to team up in transnational projects and apply for Programme co-funding. The application procedure of the third call slightly differ from previous calls. One main difference is that each lead applicant must get at least one consultation as a precondition for getting access to the online application system. The Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat encourages applicants to book their consultation date now.

Interreg Baltic Sea Region provides consultations to applicants (© IB.SH/ photo: Cordula Giese)
Interreg Baltic Sea Region provides consultations to applicants (© IB.SH/ photo: Cordula Giese)

About our consultations and access to the application system

Officers of the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) consult project ideas from September 2017 until mid-January 2018. Consultations can be arranged as personal meetings in Rostock or Riga, or as online meetings. Participants of the information seminar in October in Riga can get a personal consultation on the spot on the second day. A consultation typically lasts one hour.  As a basis for the consultation, the applicants need to submit a project idea form (PIF) prior to the consultation to

Once the consultation has been carried out and the project idea has been found to fit the Programme scope, the MA/JS provides access to the online application system BAMOS to the applicants for filling in the complete application. It may take a few weeks from the consultation until the access is opened. 

About the call

The following details of the call are subject to approval by the Monitoring Committee (MC) at the end of September. The third call for projects is open for all three Programme priorities: capacity for innovation, management of natural resources and sustainable transport, and for all specific objectives under these priorities. The call has a specific focus, that is to increase institutional capacities of public authorities in all levels of governance. All applying projects are expected to include public authorities with a relevant role in their partnerships.

The application procedure is organised as an extended one-step call, meaning that the concept note submission and selection carried out in the first and second calls is skipped. After obligatory consultations, the respective PIFs are sent to the MC for their review. The MC members may contact lead applicants with further guidance before the final applications are submitted. 

The deadline for applications is early April 2018. For developing the project idea, we recommend to read our Programme documents and learn more about projects already approved. The announcement of the third call with all relevant details is published in early October 2017.

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