From seed to flagship
10 Jun 2015

To align available project funding thematically with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region is an ongoing challenge in the macro-region. The EUSBSR Seed Money Facility, managed by Investitionsbank-Schleswig Holstein (IB.SH), has proven to be a strong tool to support this alignment. One example that illustrates this alignment is the first call for applications of Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

One third of approved concept notes result from EUSBSR seed money
Interreg Baltic Sea Region recently invited 25 seed money partnerships to submit a full application this summer. Thus, almost one third of the 81 Interreg Baltic Sea Region concept notes going to the second application step evolved from an EUSBSR seed money project. In total, 282 concept notes had been submitted. Out of those, 41 came from EUSBSR seed money projects.

EUSBSR objectives well covered

The successful concept notes from EUSBSR seed money are well distributed among the EUSBSR objectives “Save the Sea” (10 concept notes), “Increase Prosperity” (6) and “Connect the region” (5) as well as the horizontal actions (4). They cover those priority areas and horizontal actions that fit by their thematic scope to the funding priorities of Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

Seed money brings forward flagship projects
Overall, seed money from different sources has helped to bring forward a substantial number of concept notes for Interreg Baltic Sea Region with a good potential to become EUSBSR flagship projects, i.e. 33 out of 81 concept notes selected for the second application step. 22 of these have received seed money funding from one of the sources listed in the chart below.

This pie chart shows the concept notes selected in the first call of interreg Baltic Sea Region's 1st call, 1st step that have a flagship status (total 33). It visualises how many of them where developed with EUSBSR seed money (19), without seed money (12), or with seed money from the Swedish Institute, the Swedish Civil Contingencies or the German "Transnational cooperation" programme (1 each).