First projects have taken shape - statistics of applications submitted
24 Jul 2015

While summer months tend to be calm for many people working around the Baltic Sea, this summer is quite exciting for Interreg Baltic Sea Region. The first full-fledged applications were submitted last week. A set of statistics about these potential projects is now available for download.

Which topics where submitted?

Figure: Number of project applications submitted to Interreg Baltic Sea Region in the 1st call for applications shown by specific objective (red = priority "innovation", green = priority "natural resoruces", blue = priority "transport").

How much funding was requested?

Figure: Funds requested in project applications of the 1st call of Interreg Baltic Sea Region versus funds available in the Programme from 2014 to 2020 in million EUR.

Some 200 million EUR were requested in the first call (ERDF and Norwegian national funding), while in total, 240 million EUR are available until 2020 (see graph below). Thus, competition will be strong during selection process.

Figure: Development of projects throughout the two-step application process of Interreg Baltic Sea Region: 1. concept notes and 2. full-fledged applications.

“Our applicants invested quite some efforts into project development and discussion with the MA/JS officers throughout the past months. We are glad that almost all of them managed to submit applications in time,”says Eeva Rantama of the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (see graph below).

What will happen next?

Throughout the next months, the MA/JS will assess the applications. Based on the assessment, the Monitoring Committee will select projects in November. The next call for concept notes is planned to be launched in early 2016. Support to applicants for the 2nd call will start towards the end of 2015.

Please find an overview of the statistics here.

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