First call for seed money application opens soon
16 Jun 2016

Seed Money refers to Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme funding that is used to prepare project proposals with strategic importance to one of the policy areas or horizontal actions of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The first call is open from 28 September 2016 to 15 February 2017. This week, the Monitoring Committee of Interreg Baltic Sea Region agreed on this timeline of the call.

With seed money support, projects can be prepared for any funding source available in the Baltic Sea region. Currently, several Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects are running that have been granted seed money to prepare the applications.

Relevant project partners involved with seed money

One of them is HAZARD, a project that aims to mitigate major accidents and emergencies in major seaports in the Baltic Sea region, all handling large volumes of cargo and passengers. Harbours, terminals and storage facilities, including those for dangerous goods, are often located close to residential areas, thus potentially exposing a large number of people to the consequences of accidents. With the help of seed money, the project lead partner has brought together logistics operators, rescue services and other relevant regional and local authorities.

Seed money projects can apply for all programmes

The Talsinkifix project also received seed money, and the project was finally approved by Interreg Central Baltic. The project contributes to the development of transport infrastructure and to creating a common transport corridor along one of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) core network corridors in the Baltic Sea region. The project aims to investigate the potential of a fixed link between Tallinn and Helsinki with either a tunnel or a combination of tunnel and bridge. The seed money project looks at socio-economic benefits and challenges related to the construction of a fixed link, as well as to integrating the link to existing transport networks.

How to apply for seed money

In order to be eligible for funding, every seed money project application has to submit a letter of support from the responsible Policy Area or Horizontal Action Coordinator (PAC or HAC). Therefore, before submitting any application, please contact the PAC/HAC who is responsible for the respective project’s Policy Area or Horizontal Action to obtain support for the idea. All details concerning the application procedure and a fact sheet on how to apply for seed money can be found on the website.

Background information:

The EUSBSR is the first macro-regional strategy in Europe. It aims to reinforce cooperation within the Baltic Sea region in order to face several challenges by working together as well as promoting a more balanced development in the area. The Strategy also contributes to major EU policies and reinforces integration within the area. The EUSBSR is structured around three objectives: saving the sea, connecting the region, and increasing prosperity. Several institutions have been granting seed money for EUSBSR projects since 2012.

More information about PACs and HACs:
The EU Member States have defined certain policy areas and horizontal actions which make up the EUSBSR Action Plan. Every Area or Action is coordinated by several officials. These officials in the Baltic Sea region context are called Policy Area Coordinators (PACs) and Horizontal Action Coordinators (HACs). The relevant PAC/HAC shall confirm that the project contributes to the respective Policy Area or Horizontal Action of the EUSBSR.

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