Check the Eurostat’s regional yearbook 2015 for lots of surprising facts & figures
14 Oct 2015

Did you know that gross domestic expenditure on R&D in East Finland is one of the highest in Europe? The regional yearbook, published every year by Eurostat, provides an overview of European regional statistics covering a wide range of fields. The facts & figures help understand the regional diversity within the EU.

Eurostat’s regional yearbook 2015

The publication presents statistics for the 272 NUTS level 2 regions and, for some indicators, the 1 315 NUTS level 3 regions of the 28 Member States of the EU as well as, when available, the regions in EFTA and candidate countries. This 2015 edition contains a new chapter on EU regional policies and the local dimension of the Europe 2020 strategy. Three special focus chapters are also presented: gender differences at regional level, statistics by degree of urbanisation for quality of life and information relating to life in European cities. Download the Eurostat regional yearbook 2015 or go to Eurostat’s website.

Eurostat regional yearbook 2015