Audience development - a key component at next Interreg communication seminar
26 Sep 2016

Over the past few years Interreg Baltic Sea Region has developed its communication efforts. A main tool to help steer the work in the right direction is the communication strategy and a key part therein is the identification and development of target audiences. At the next communication seminar, held in Berlin on 28-29 September, about 50 project representatives working in the field of communications are going to crack the nut of strategic communications and delve into the issue of audience development.

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© panthermedia

The seminar is an opportunity for communications managers in Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects to receive advise and support in their communications work and to further their skills in audience segmentation and identification – key components in a communications strategy. This serves project partners not only in their project work, but also in their organisations as a whole.

The overall purpose of a communication strategy is to help communications managers and project partner organisations to communicate effectively to meet core organisational objectives. Strictly speaking, the core pillars of a strategy include objective, audience and message. Those three things are at the core of the strategy. The idea with a strong focus on audience development at the seminar is to motivate the project managers, who deal with communications in one way or another in their daily project work, to consider this aspect in their strategic communications work. It will give them a sense of how to concentrate on the most relevant target groups in order to spend the project and organisational resources in a way that achieves the greatest effect and that helps the organisation to reach its objectives. It is not until the communications work is consistent with the project objectives that it can be considered strategic. This is when communications start enhancing the organisation as a whole.

The seminar also hopes to provide ideas and inspiration into analysing and selecting target groups. Overall this fosters an understanding of the bigger picture of how project communications relates to Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme communications, which enables the projects and Programme to work together in achieving results for the Baltic Sea Region.