A way to expand your Interreg network
02 Feb 2016

Using the online partner search group on LinkedIn can help a project developer to set up a solid partnership for Interreg Baltic Sea Region. Here’s one example.



How did you use LinkedIn to find partners for your Interreg application in the first call for projects?
Jan Schmidt: “There was a project idea about low temperature technologies in district heating systems and we were in touch with some colleagues already experienced in Baltic Sea Region (BSR) Interreg projects. But then I attended the Interreg BSR conference in Warsaw in November 2014, and the LinkedIn partner search group was mentioned there. So I posted our project idea and asked people to get in touch. More than 30 people from all over the Baltic Sea Region contacted me directly on LinkedIn. I replied to them and at a later stage our team invited those that fit to a project development session. In the end, about 15 of the contacts from the LinkedIn group actually joined the partnership. The LinkedIn group definitely helped to expand our network.”

Jan Schmidt is a project officer at the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat of Interreg Baltic Sea Region. For several years, he worked as a project developer in Berlin.

Were you afraid that someone would steal your project idea since you posted it in a public group?
Jan Schmidt: “No, the post was very brief and kept general content wise, maybe one or two sentences. There was no sensitive information about the project idea that could be stolen. Most of the people who are registered in this group are very professional and can judge well if a project fits to them or not.

Not everyone wants to join yet another social media channel. Did you hesitate?

Jan Schmidt: "I think LinkedIn is much more for professionals than e.g. FaceBook. People talk about their projects and their work and not about a cute rabbit they saw and took a picture of."

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