Anniversary campaign

All along 2020, we celebrate 30 years of Interreg and cooperation in all its shapes. As the second pillar of the Cohesion policy, European Territorial Cooperation is at the heart of the European spirit because it encourages regions and countries to tackle challenges they can solve only by working together.

The celebrations throughout 2020 provide the opportunity to demonstrate the achievements so far, but also the chance to focus on the future by launching the debate on cooperation policy post 2020 as we are entering a crucial phase to shape the future of the programming period.

Transnational Interreg storymap

Let’s communicate Interreg together in 2020!

For the celebrations, the European Commission has selected three main topics which are cross-cutting in nature and can be demonstrated through all cooperation activities. We consider that they represent the heart of what Interreg is about and illustrate the main concerns expressed by our citizens: We all have a neighbour | Youth | Green and climate neutral Europe.

You are part of the Interreg community. That’s why your work relates to one or several the topics – in one way or the other. And this is what Interreg communication is about in 2020: to share latest achievements of your project, let people know how you benefit from Interreg or share personal insights into how cooperation helps the people around you.

1.    We all have a neighbour

We all have neighbours – and they matter! In good and in bad times, we cooperate, we work together, we decide together. We face challenges together; we create new opportunities for a better future in a common space. No matter what, we stay together!  

For 30 years now, under Interreg, EU cooperation programmes have been helping neighbours work together to develop strong communities along borders, internal and external. For 30 years, thousands of EU-funded projects have been bringing concrete benefits to EU border regions and beyond, building trust and respect among people from communities sharing a common space. Because all together, as neighbours, we do know that cooperation matters! As we, all do know that neighbours matter!

2.    Youth

Young people between 15 and 29 years old made up 17% of the European Union (EU) population in 2018. Irrespective of their gender, economic situation, social origin and age, they all face common challenges such as global warming, insecurity and the widespread lack of trust in public institutions. However, their desire for a better future is shared across the continent.

For 30 years, Interreg and cooperation policy has found solutions for young people. How? Working together, building partnerships and sharing knowledge to improve educational level, qualifications, skills, international competences and job opportunities for all and to make “an economy that works for people”. Interreg promotes transnational networks for helping young entrepreneurs to boost their skills. Young generations are the future of cooperation, and Interreg empowers the European spirit.

3. Green and climate neutral Europe

Humans have created borders to establish a sense of belonging and common identity throughout the years. However, Mother Nature does not play by these rules. To preserve this treasure for generations to come, Interreg has fostered cooperation in environmental matters for 30 years.

The European Commission has just presented its Green Deal as Europe’s new growth strategy with the objective of becoming climate neutral by 2050 and decoupling economic growth from resource use. And one thing is crystal clear: a green and climate neutral Europe cannot be achieved if we all work in isolation but only through cooperation. That is what Interreg stands for. For the past 30 years.

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Let’s be visible!

Use a joint a visual identity to mark the celebrations of Interreg 30 years in all Interreg related events, campaigns and communication products in projects, in Monitoring Committees, in Secretariats. 

Let’s put our Interreg work in 2020 under the common logo and let’s show people who have heard of Interreg how diverse and how widespread Interreg is today! And let’s make those who don’t know Interreg curious about what it is.

Download the logo package or go to to download templates and other materials, such as posters, roll-ups, conference tags etc.

Let’s be present!

There are numerous events across Europe in 2020 to which Interreg projects and Programmes contribute. If you are related to Interreg Baltic Sea Region, and if you work in an ongoing project in particular, try to be present at these event:

Only if we know which project is present where, we can provide the best support to you. So, if you know that a project of Interreg Baltic Sea Region will be present at one of these event, please inform us at

Let’s be social!

Be part of the wider digital campaign run by the European Commission and Interact, and highlight achievements of your project among followers of the cooperation year. Use the hashtag  #Interreg30  for content that illustrates any of main topics of the celebrations explained above, i.e. we all have a neighbour, youth, or green and climate neutral Europe.


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