Territorial Cooperation Agenda 2030

16 Mar 2021

Title Territorial Cooperation Agenda 2030
Date 16 Mar 2021 8:45 - 16 Mar 2021 13:00
Organiser Interact
Contact Philipp Schwartz
Venue Virtual meeting
Website www.interact-eu.net/events/territorial-cooperation-agenda-2030

What is this meeting about? 

The Territorial Agenda 2030 providing both a territorial dimension as well as setting an overall strategic direction can help the 2021-2027 Interreg programmes in embedding their activities in the wider perspective of European territorial development. Hereby, lifting individual projects and programmes, their visibility and impact to a higher territorial level. And vice-versa European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg) programmes can contribute to the implementation of the Territorial Agenda 2030 through integrated project approaches and building on the overarching goals of the Territorial Agenda 2030 – a just and green Europe.

What are the objectives of this meeting? 

  • For those not that familiar with the Territorial Agenda 2030, it will provide a general introduction and presentation of the Territorial Agenda 2030 and what it is all about.
  • The event will provide food for thought from different perspectives on the role of Interreg (programmes and projects) in the implementation of the Territorial Agenda 2030.
  • It will provide some ideas and inspiration how the 2021-2027 programmes can benefit from and anchor themselves to the Territorial Agenda 2030.

Who can be interested?

As this is the very first event on the Territorial Agenda 2030 and Interreg’s role in its implementation, the target group for this event is defined rather broad: all those involved in the programming and implementation of the 2021-2027 Interreg programmes.