Feedback to project ideas and consultations

The EU funding Programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region frequently provides consultations for applicants who work together with partners from ten countries around the Baltic Sea.

Shortly before and during open calls, the Joint Secretariat offers feedback and consultations to project ideas. The feedback and consultations are given based on a filled-in project idea form (PIF).

In the third call for applications consultations are an obligatory part of the application procedure. Applicants are invited to consult their project ideas from September 2017 until 15 January 2018. Reapplying projects are asked to send a project idea form as well highlighting the introduced adjustments to the previous application. The consultations are offered at Joint Secretariat’s offices in Rostock (Germany) and Riga (Latvia) or online.

At least one consultation is obligatory as a precondition for getting access to the online application system BAMOS. After consultations, the respective PIFs are also sent to the Monitoring Committee (MC). In order to arrange consultations for your project idea, please fill in the project idea form and send it to

Please be informed that Interreg Baltic Sea Region is no longer accepting new project idea forms in the third call for project applications.