10 things to know about Interreg

9. Transnational cooperation is as an innovative catalyst that triggers further public and private investment and accelerates urban and regional development

Our projects are living laboratories creating opportunities for developing and testing new ways of addressing major challenges. Transnational projects develop tailor-made solutions which require strategic international partnerships. They often serve to kick-start changes whose reach and momentum keep growing over time, as they stimulate significant national and international investment and action. 

We help screen entertainment industries contribute to a better society

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A woman and a elementary school aged boy looking together at a tablet

Videogame and audio visual businesses are exceptionally innovative. Connecting them with traditional sectors such as health, training and learning is a great opportunity for cross-innovation. The Interreg project Cross Motion developed 20 prototypes of digital products - some now on the market: an award winning smart phone application for visitors to explore the baroque history of the Estonian city of Narva; a screen time assistant to help children keep the balance between valuable and entertaining mobile phone use; and a virtual reality set for medical students which simulates the physical examination of a patient.

By aligning companies from the creative sector and universities and business accelerators from eight different countries, transnational Interreg cooperation brings forward innovative digital products beyond simple entertainment for health, tourism and education.

Project stories:
Augmented reality for real-life benefits

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