Seed Money calls

Seed money is funding provided by Interreg Baltic Sea Region to support the preparation of projects in line with the Action Plan of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. With seed money support projects can be prepared for any funding source available in the region. The seed money application procedure consists of two steps.

Step 1: Support from the relevant PAC/HAC

•    Call opens
•    Submission of draft applications to Policy Area and Horizontal Action Coordinators: typically one month after call opening
•    Preselection by PACs/HACs: typically six weeks after submission

Step 2: Development and submission of Seed Money application

•    Submission of applications to the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat: typically 6-8 weeks after preselection
•    Selection of seed money projects by the Monitoring Committee: typically 3 months after submission

open from 21 September until 28 October 2016

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