How to apply

Applying for project funding is possible during specific periods, the “calls for applications”. At the beginning of each call, the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) publishes an announcement note which specifies the details of what can be funded as well as specific documents for applying and a timeline for their submission. There are different types of projects with different scopes and different application procedures – please consult the Programme Manual  to familiarise yourself with the differences.

A project call is typically open for three to four months. During that time, the MA/JS and the members of the Monitoring Committee arrange a number of support activities for applicants. Once submitted, application documents are assessed by the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat following criteria specified in the Programme Manual. Based on the assessments, the Monitoring Committee decides which projects receive funding. You will find more details in the respective project section:

Regular project calls

  • First call: closed – 35 projects approved in November 2015
  • Second call: step 2 ongoing
  • Third call: not to be opened before mid 2017
Description of priority 1 Innovation of Interreg Baltic Sea Region
Description of priority 2, Natural Resources, of Interreg Baltic Sea Region
Description of priority 3, Transport, of Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Seed money calls

  • First call: closed
  • Second call: no planning yet
How to apply for seed money (priority 4.1) of Interreg Baltic Sea Region