Feedback to ideas, consultations & partner search

Feedback to project ideas and consultations

The Joint Secretariat offers written feedback and consultations to project ideas. The written feedback and consultations are given based on a filled-in project idea form. Reapplying projects are welcome to either submit a revised project idea form outlining adjustments made or receive feedback based on the so far submitted documents.

The consultations will be offered on Wednesdays at Joint Secretariat’s offices in Rostock and Riga or per skype or phone.

If you wish a written feedback or a consultation, please e-mail Please specify type of feedback you would like to receive, your preferred time for consultations and your contact details (including skype name if relevant).

Please note: for the actual 2nd call for applications we only offer feedback and consultations until 18th May 2016.

Partner search

Join the LinkedIn group “Partner search - Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme” to search for partners and exchange on project ideas.

A screenshot from the LinkedIn group on "Partner Search - Interreg Baltic Sea Region": more than 1200 members, and a post "Anyone interested in working on a Community Energy?".


Project idea form

  • Please download the pdf file to your computer.
  • Open the file with Adobe Reader (not any pdf reader).
  • If you experience any problems, please contact